Social Media Marketing Opportunities

Multiple Networks

Maximise your potential using multiple social networking platforms to reach new audiences.

Engage Your Audience

Keep your audience engaged with engaging regular, relevant and unique content.

Optimisation & Tracking

Our social media tracking will help identify how effective your social media marketing really is.

Audience Engagement

Using Social Media is very different to other advertising methods. With social media it is more important to keep your audience engaged and creating awareness of the company rather than directly selling products or services.

It's important to get the balance right between self promotion, communicating with your customers and building your brand. For example, an entire social media account full of sales and self promotional content can make a business look very one dimensional and customers can find it hard to relate to a business who look like all they want it to sell and make money.

Choosing A Network

There are several types of social media website, each with a different purpose and most likely a different main demographic. It's good to aim to choose a social media platform that you think your target audience is likely to be using.

Be aware of how social media websites vary, there isn't just one form of website there are networking sites such as Facebook, micro-blogging websites like Twitter, image content sites such as Instagram and reputation/business sites such as LinkedIn. Each website varies in how it functions so it is important to choose the correct social media website for you.

More About Social Media

In recent years social media and social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn have grown significantly both with personal communications and business communications. As a result, there is now massive marketing potential in social media, which could result in huge benefits for business to consumer, business to business and consumer to consumer networks.

We specialise in social media marketing for many businesses of all types. Our main focus is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and we have the necessary knowledge and experience to maximise the potential of these social networks for your business.

If you're a business based in the Durham area and are looking to generate business using social media or social networking, we can offer you the knowledge you need to make your business a success.

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