Targeted Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click marketing gives your business the opportunity to get your products and services within search engine results.

A more targeted form of marketing compared to social media or SEO, adwords can easily be measured, giving you the chance to analyse and monitor your ads, in order to determine how effective your ads are really are. As well as giving you to insights needed to optimise your campaigns to improve performance.

Encouraging Leads For Service Businesses

Search Advertising

For those in service based industries Google Adwords is a targeted form of marketing, allowing your customers to find your services exactly when and where they’re looking.

Search ads appear within search results whenever your customers are looking for your services, meaning your ad is the first thing many will see when they search and yet you only pay whenever people click these ads!

Display Advertising

Service industries can also utilise display ads, which can potentially appear on over 2 million websites, as well as in apps, so essentially wherever your audience may be. With specialised options for targeting certain keywords, demographics and even giving you the opportunity to target audiences who’ve visited your site before, display ads can help you generate more interest from your audience.

Increasing Sales For Ecommerce Business

Search Advertising

It’s not only those in service industries that can benefit from Google Adwords, in face Adwords also provides plenty opportunity for retailers looking to sell online.

If you’re looking to offer your audience text based search ads, then adwords gives you the opportunity to get your ads out there within search results ready for your audience to find as soon as they search for your search terms that include your keywords.

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads give audiences exactly what they want, the option to look at certain products through search engine results, and similarly to search ads, you only have to pay once audiences click through to your website or through to your products.

More than just a text ad, shopping ads allow you to show users your product, the title and price allowing you to promote your products online in order to increase sales, boost your traffic and encourage more people to visit your website.

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Professional Google Adwords Management North East

Google Adwords is a more targeted form of marketing, giving you the opportunity to promote your products or services to those already searching online.

Providing quick and measurable results, Adwords allows you to monitor your ads in order to gain the insights you need to keep optimising your campaign and generating results.

Digital marketing is a priority in every business and Google Adwords is a great way to market your business. If you're based in Durham, Tyne and Wear or even further afield, our experienced team can help your business have huge success.