Professional Google Adwords Management 

Multi-Device Advertising

Technology has come a long way; it's now more important than ever for your ads to feature on a range of different devices.

Optimisation & Tracking

We'll track your Pay-Per-Click campaign results in order to monitor how effective your ads are.

Competitor Analysis

We can analyse your competitor's data to help you work out the best strategy to stay on top of the competition.

Conversion Tracking

Specialist software allows us to monitor Google Ads, which gives us the opportunity to track calls, enquiries and purchases that are made as a result of someone clicking your ads. 

Through the use of our Pay-Per-Click conversion tracking software, we can log the value of each conversion, which allows us to calculate the cost effectiveness of your campaign. 

We can analyse the statistics provided by Google to optimise your keywords to ensure the effectiveness of your Adwords campaign. This means that you are only paying for clicks which are likely to generate you business, rather than wasting money on ads that aren't effective.

Campaign Management

We undertake the management of your Google Adwords marketing campaigns in order to target greater responses with our professional knowledge and experience.

We'll manage your campaign professionally, so you have targeted adverts which work. We aim to analyse your competitor's data in order to seek out cost effective keywords and reduce waste on badly performing ads. 

We also use our professional marketing expertise to prepare and write your adverts, as well as generating relevant keywords to help make your Google Adwords campaigns more effective.

More About Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a targeted form of marketing, if your customer is already looking online for your service or product, you are much more likely to reach them with Google Adwords than through paper or radio advertising.

Adwords offers quick results, it can take only a matter of hours to have an ad in place. Compare this to traditional forms of advertising, such as newspapers or flyers, and Google Adwords is much more effective.

Using Google Adwords means that your ads are easy to change or edit depending on any changes in the market. You can change an ad within a couple of hours so if you only have an offer for one specific day, the ad can be changed in a matter of minutes.

Digital marketing is a priority in every business and Google Adwords is a great way to market your business. If you're based in Durham, Tyne and Wear or even further afield, our experienced team can help your business have huge success.

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