Marketing Websites & Bespoke Web Design

Advanced Responsive Design

Our websites are fully optimised for mobile, tablet & desktop devices, giving you the potential to reach everyone.

In-depth SEO

Target high search engine rankings with in depth and targeted search engine optimised content.

Targets Conversions

We provide professional solutions which are developed to target results and help businesses generate more sales.

Get Your Business Found

Give your business the edge with a marketing website designed to target the goals of your business. Along with dynamic, modern and high-quality websites, we offer professional marketing solutions such as Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click services in a bid to help you get your business found online.

We offer you all the advice you need on your website text as it's important that you have the best copy because the content on the pages largely determines the search engine rankings achieved.

Targets Conversions

The way that people use the internet has changed over time, and now it's important that your website aims to not only acquire traffic but also that your website converts this traffic into real customers.

We have a track record of creating websites that target conversions and sales. Using relevant call to action buttons, dynamic layouts and search engine optimised web page text; we create engaging websites that not only appeal to your customers but ultimately target conversions.

More About Marketing Websites

We design our websites using up-to-date software and design for website longevity, it's important that your website continues to grow along with your business.

Our websites have a number of hosting and management service advantages. This is so we can provide increased security for any confidential information regarding you and your customers and protect our own proprietary software and operating technologies that are the sole copyright of Discovery Design Ltd, to support in achieving high search engine rankings, to ensure software functionality and compatibility and to allow us to keep our websites updated automatically with features and security additions.

Based in County Durham, we are available to support businesses across the North East of England. If you're looking to generate business with a marketing website, we can offer you the skills and knowledge needed to make your business a success.

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