Starting a new business? We love startups! Lets talk business.
Starting a new business? We love startups! Lets talk business.
Starting a new business? We love startups! Lets talk business.

Facebook Websites To Promote Your Business Services & Sell Products

Facebook Websites

Facebook websites are becoming increasingly in demand for businesses who want Facebook Shops and Facebook Showroom or Catalogue websites. The growth in the use of social media and social networks over the last few years, particularly Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and LinkedIn, has created a massive available market which can be targeted specifically to reach selected interest or characteristic groups for more effective marketing.

Varied Options

To enable businesses to benefit from the massive potential of the enormous social networks market, we have developed a choice of effective professional Facebook website options for your consideration. Our highly-skilled developers have created solutions which make life easy for you and remove the need for you to waste your valuable time on trying to create these yourself. Within our amazingly low costings we undertake the production work for you. Simply give us a call for details of the options available and our low prices.

Website Integration

We can design 'call to action' banners for such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Linkedin for our integration into your website to encourage greater interaction and more effective and successful marketing results.

Outstanding Benefits

Our Facebook Shops and Showroom Websites possess a number of significant advantages over other lesser alternatives in the marketplace, not least the impressive functionality advantages of our systems and the personal service and easy access to the support of our dedicated team.

Low Cost High Value

For more details of the opportunities that we can open up for you and of all our competitive and realistic pricing options, simply get in touch with one of our dedicated team without obligation. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it will be to benefit from a Facebook website... and at a very low cost!

Our System Advantages

Some advantages of our Discovery Facebook Website System;

  1. A full website experience within your Business Facebook Profile.
  2. Sell or promote your products and services directly from the Discovery Facebook Website within your Business Facebook Profile.
  3. As you update your main website content, the Discovery Facebook Website updates automatically with no extra work required by you.
  4. As products are sold on either the Discovery Facebook Website or your main website, stock levels are seen to be automatically updated on both websites in real time. This is a major advantage of our system.
  5. As your customers select products and services they can complete their payment transactions directly on the Discovery Facebook Website located within your Facebook Business Profile for convenience and ease of use.
  6. A major advantage of our system is that the corporate branding and corporate identity of your main website is integrated fully within the Discovery Facebook Website so that there is a standardisation of the user experience for your customers and that both websites look very similar.
  7. A powerful range of excellent facilities available for a small integration fee and low annual charge.