Facebook Advertising Services

Cross-Platform Advertising

Facebook is available on many different platforms, giving you the potential to reach customers on all devices.

Optimisation & Tracking

It's important to optimise and track your Facebook ads to target the best audiences for your business.

Compelling Ad Text

Using our professional marketing skills we'll write targeted, high-quality ad text to attract the right audience for you.

Conversion Tracking

By using the Facebook Pixel Conversion Tracking software it means that we can monitor conversions made as a result of your Facebook ad. Conversion tracking allows you to measure the return on investment of Facebook Ads through reporting the actions taken by people once the ads are viewed. 

We can analyse tracking results to work out the effectiveness of your Facebook Ads, which allows us to make any changes needed to improve the ads and increase the return on investment.

Campaign Management

We can manage your Facebook Ads campaigns for you in order to achieve the best results. Using our expertise, we can provide a cost effective research, monitoring and optimisation service to target your ads to the right audience for you. 

As part of our Facebook Ad campaign management we study your competitor's data, research your industry and build targeted audiences in a bid to create cost effective Facebook ads, which target the right audience for your business.

More about Facebook ads

Facebook Ads are different to search based pay-per-click ads as the customer hasn't searched for you. Instead, adverts are shown due to their interests, age, location and other demographics.

Reaching your audience through Facebook ads is more engaging than paper based advertising because of its use of images, text and possibly because of the call to action, which is more likely to result in a more immediate response from the customer. 

Using Facebook ads means that your ads are incredibly easy to edit if they need to be. For example, if there is a change in the market or a special offer, you can change the advert in a matter of seconds.

If you're a business based in the Durham area and are looking to generate business with a Facebook Ad campaign, we can offer you the skills and knowledge needed to make your campaign a success.

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