Effective Email Marketing

Multi-Device Ready

Emails marketing campaigns that reach your audience no matter which type of device they may be using.

Targeted Marketing

Create targeted email campaigns especially for your target customers and target market.

Purposely Designed

Effective email marketing campaigns specifically created for use by businesses of all types.

Why Email Marketing?

Email marketing is an important marketing tool, its ability to address the reader directly and feature content that appeals to them is a lot more personal than other forms of marketing can be, making it an important tool for generating sales.

The fact that email marketing can be tracked offers you the chance to see what your customer has done after the email has been sent. Whether they've opened it, read it, visited your website or unsubscribed, you can find out how effective your campaign is and make any changes if they're needed.

Cost Effective Promotion

Email marketing is a relatively simple and cost-effective way of reaching out to your customers. Through strategic planning and targeting, you can aim to increase sales and drive traffic to your website but also develop your brand.

For such a low cost, email is one of the most powerful tools you could feature within your marketing strategy. Consistent emails can not only help generate sales but also create a customer relationship with already existing customers by reminding them of your presence.

More About Email Marketing

Reaching your audience through email marketing can be a rather engaging way of marketing to your customers. By including images of your products or services it can show customers what they are potentially purchasing which is more engaging than paper based advertising because of its use of images, text and possibly because of the call to action. This method is more likely to result in a more immediate response from the customer.

If you're looking for professional support when it comes to creating your email marketing campaigns, we have the expertise you need to make it a success. Whether you are based in the Durham area or further afield, we have the solution for you.

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