Expert Bing Ads Management

Bing & Yahoo

Two search engines are better than one, expand your audience and have your ads feature on both Bing and Yahoo.

Optimisation & Tracking

We'll track your Bing ad results in order to monitor the cost effectiveness of each ad campaign.

Competitor Analysis

We analyse your competitor's results to find cost effective keywords and reduce waste on underperforming ads.

Why Bing Ads

With any form of Pay-Per-Click you are looking to drive sales and with Bing you can achieve that for a much lower cost. Compared to others, Bing Ads offer a lower cost per click, which means you get more traffic for a lower cost. 

Compared to paper based advertising, Bing Ads are a more targeted way of marketing your company. If a potential customer is already on the internet searching for your service or product, it's much more likely that they'll find your company through online ads.

Multi-device Advertising

Technology is continuing to grow and now more people are using search engines on mobile and tablet devices, as well as desktop. With Bing Ads you have all the tools available to target mobile searches and show up on mobile devices. 

Since Bing is the default search engine on many different mobiles and tablets, this means that Bing has a huge reach. Featuring ads on Bing often attracts an audience that you could be unlikely to find through other search engines and Pay Per Click Ad services.

More About Bing Ads

Setting up ads on Bing is often a quick process and you can have an ad live in only a few hours. If you compare this to paper based advertising, creating Ads through Bing is a lot more effective.

As well as being relatively easy to set up, Bing ads are easily editable, meaning that if you have a change in the market or in the business you can change your ads accordingly. 

Bing also offers you the opportunity to import any existing ads from Google Adwords over to Bing, offering you a stress free way of importing your ads.

If you're looking for professional support when it comes to setting up your campaigns, we have the skills and experience you need to create a successful Bing Advertising campaign. Whether you are based in the Durham area or further afield, we have the solution for you.

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