What BHS can teach retailers about failure to adapt

What BHS can teach retailers about failure to adapt

With up to 11000 jobs and 164 shops currently at risk, the downfall of BHS shows that even the most established brands need to adapt in order to stay on top. Whilst there are a number of complex factors which have resulted in the closure of BHS, it’s an unfortunate reminder of how retailers need to keep up to date in order to stay ahead of the competition, no matter how large a company you are. Not unlike Woolworths, BHS have been unable to keep up with the changing pace of retail, the [..]

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Starter Ecommerce Websites To Get You Selling Online

How many people out there have a desire to start their own online retail business or service business and face the problem of knowing how to get started. They possess great knowledge and expertise in their own business field and simply require a website design company with the appropriate skills to help them achieve their online sales. We are that company as we possess an incredible experience and expertise in all aspects of creating and marketing online shops and in assisting you target high se[..]

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