Generate more sales with Email Receipt Marketing!

Generate more sales with Email Receipt Marketing!

Every time a customer purchases from your website they should receive an email receipt as proof of what they have ordered and how much it has cost. But did you know that you can use your email receipts as a form of marketing your business too? An email receipt is one of the easiest ways into a customers inbox, so surely it makes sense to use that to both you and your customers advantage? Here’s how!
Advertise offers
Use your email receipts to promote offers and deals, this is such [..]

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The Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing offers a tremendous opportunity for businesses, but only if planned, prepared, managed and presented properly. This is where our successful Discovery Email Marketing System provides numerous benefits and advantages for small and medium size businesses. There is important legislation to comply with, but our system also assists you in this matter. Using your own computer our DEM system allows you to regularly choose from our selection of designer email templates, easily colour and [..]

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Email Promotion For Targeted Marketing

It is easy to think that email promotion by sending out mass emails is an effective marketing strategy. But this can cause problems with possible blacklisting and recipients permanently unsubscribing. Therefore it is important to realise that marketing emails must be relevant to the targeted recipients. To make it easy for you to be more targeted and successful in your email promotion, our Discovery Email Marketing System provides a useful Email Group management facility where you can create spe[..]

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