5 essential tips for achieving your ecommerce goals!

5 essential tips for achieving your ecommerce goals!

In the spirit of the Euros kicking off, it makes sense to focus on goals..well maybe not those goals, but your ecommerce goals. Setting and achieving goals is a necessity in business and if you aren’t achieving your goals, you aren’t moving ahead. Admittedly, reaching these goals can be difficult and requires planning, persistence, hard work and maybe a little help, so here’s how you can achieve your business goals, in 5 simple steps.
Know where you want to be
The firs[..]

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5 easy ways you can build and maintain customer relationships

5 easy ways you can build and maintain customer relationships

Your customers are the key to your success, without customers there’d be no sales and ultimately there’d be no business, so it’s essential that you build a strong relationship with your customers. Whilst often overlooked, when done properly building and maintaining a relationship with your customers can be one of the most rewarding parts of running a business.
Communicate with your customers
Just like with friendships, it’s important that you keep in touch with y[..]

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5 Ways to ruin your website

5 Ways to ruin your website

Are you looking to completely ruin your website, your credibility and destroy all chances of your business becoming a success? Well that’s great because if you hate online success, generating traffic and making sales, then we’ve got a run down of 5 of the easiest and best ways that you can ruin your website and guarantee nobody will want to purchase your products or services ever again.
Never update your website
Never ever updating your website is a great way to make sure tha[..]

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How you can bounce back from a business blunder

How you can bounce back from a business blunder

As you develop your business you’re going to make mistakes, it’s an inevitability. Not everything can be perfect all of the time and sometimes you’re going to encounter hiccups upon your journey to success. It’s okay for your business to make mistakes though, often mistakes are part of the learning and development process and whilst it can sometimes be difficult to recover from one, it is completely doable and here’s how.
Admit your mistake
An obvious one but[..]

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Maximise your potential, consider a website!

Maximise your potential, consider a website!

There are billions of people with access to the internet, whether it’s to watch videos, read blogs or to buy online, somewhere in the world there is always going to be someone using the internet. With over 3 billion people now having internet access, it makes sense for your business to finally take the leap online. You may not realise this but if you’re looking to increase business then a website really is the way to go. A website allows you to be more accessible for your customers, [..]

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Bespoke Websites For Specialist Needs

All businesses are unique and therefore sometimes require distinctly bespoke websites to meet their specific business and marketing requirements. Over the years we have created many different Internet solutions for our clients, some of which have required bespoke specialist programming to provide the required functionality. Our bespoke websites therefore fall into two distinct categories, designs and features specified by our clients, plus functional solutions that include online booking systems[..]

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Creative Impacts For Your Facebook Business Profiles

More and more businesses are creating Facebook Business Profiles via which they can progressively target reaching more and more interested parties, supported by links from their own websites. However, if you wish to make a more responsive impact, why not contact Discovery Design to create for you a designer Facebook profile that incorporates your logo and corporate branding and looks similar to your website. This will increase recognition and confidence with your potential customers and should r[..]

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Designer Facebook Business Profiles

To enhance your Facebook Business Profiles and therefore to make a better impact and impression on your potential customers, thus increasing conversion rates, we can create impressive designer Facebook business profiles for you. These can integrate your corporate identity and website design to ensure a consistency of your recognisable corporate identity and branding. For more details and exemplars of our work, please give us a call on 0845 900 3201.[..]

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Facebook Solutions For Your Business

Amongst the varied professional services we can provide to clients from all sectors of business and industry are designer Facebook business profiles, assistance and management with Facebook advertising opportunities and Facebook websites. To find out how we can help you with your Facebook marketing strategies, simply get in touch by either email or by telephone. We will be pleased to assist you.[..]

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Creative Logo Design Services

Our creative logo design services have been used by numerous clients over the years to help brand their business and to present a professional business image. A logo is a visual symbol that provides an easily recognisable trading mark that customers will associate at first glance with your company and products. Therefore the quality and power of such logos is critical to their identification and interpretation, as well as to the perception of the quality of the product and company they represent[..]

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