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Creative Impacts For Your Facebook Business Profiles

More and more businesses are creating Facebook Business Profiles via which they can progressively target reaching more and more interested parties, supported by links from their own websites. However, if you wish to make a more responsive impact, why not contact Discovery Design to create for you a designer Facebook profile that incorporates your logo and corporate branding and looks similar to your website. This will increase recognition and confidence with your potential customers and should r[..]

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Designer Facebook Business Profiles

To enhance your Facebook Business Profiles and therefore to make a better impact and impression on your potential customers, thus increasing conversion rates, we can create impressive designer Facebook business profiles for you. These can integrate your corporate identity and website design to ensure a consistency of your recognisable corporate identity and branding. For more details and exemplars of our work, please give us a call on 0845 900 3201.[..]

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Constantly Evaluating Your Competition

This is a very important and frequently overlooked aspect of modern business. At a simple level you can study the content of their websites to identify their business strategies, pricing and development. But you can also evaluate their search engine rankings in comparison to your own business and even compare their search engine optmisation characteristics in comparison to your website. Keeping better informed and earlier informed can help you respond more quickly to changes by your competitors.[..]

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