5 things online retailers can learn from Amazon

5 things online retailers can learn from Amazon

There’s no denying that Amazon has truly changed the way in which businesses and consumers think. What was once a humble online book store has rapidly developed into an established ecommerce giant and has completely revolutionised the ecommerce industry.
Although many ecommerce owners don’t have the resources that Amazon possess, there are still a few things even the smallest business can learn from Amazon.
Personalise the shopping experience
Amazon currently offer one of [..]

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Fast Product Uploads to EBay and Amazon

Our product upload and product management systems also enable us to very rapidly upload your qualifying website products to shopping comparison websites such as eBay and Amazon. This facility is provided by the Discovery Product Feed Manager that has been specifically developed for the benefit of our ecommerce clients as it enables our full management of their website products and our very rapid updating and upload to their websites and to Google Merchant, EBay and Amazon. To step in to a new en[..]

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