News Media Management Centre Press Release Facility


We are always improving and enhancing our systems for the benefit of our clients, so we are pleased to announce that our latest free additional facility within our established Discovery Website Promotion System is our News Media Management Centre. This powerful yet easy-to-use facility will allow our client users to select relevant individual news articles already created to appear in their websites and to send them to selected news groups by email. The sophisticated management system will enable users to create their own news groups based on media types such as trade magazines, newspapers, radio, television and online news groups... and to create local, regional, national and international groups as well... and then add contact details and email addresses within them. Then any news article can be quickly and easily sent to any group or groups using our provided designed Press Release email template. We provide you with the free opportunity of sending free up to some 500 press release emails per week and up to 5000 per year. For more details please give us a call on 0845 900 3201.