Lindisfarne - Holy Island - Farne Islands


Lindisfarne, the Holy Island, is located on the beautiful and unspoilt  Northumberland Coast. Technically it is the largest of the Farne Islands, but Lindisfarne is not considered as part of those rocky 28 islands that make up the famous national nature reserve. It is a tombolo which means that it is an island at high tide, but it is linked to the nearby mainland at low tide so it is possible to drive across by car. Lindisfarne, Holy Island, was the most important centre for the spread of Christianity and Christian learning in Britain. To find out more, why not visit the new website at and Here you will find details of three new guidebooks; The Holy Island of Lindisfarne and the Famous Farne Islands Heritage Series Guidebook, the Photo Tour of Lindisfarne - Holy Island, and the Photoguide Series guidebook Northumberland Coast Photoguide.

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