Instagram Shopping: Everything You Need To Know


Shopping online is constantly changing and evolving, with even social media platforms such as Facebook giving people the chance to buy through their platforms. Social commerce is likely to become even more relevant in the upcoming year, with Instagram becoming the latest social media site to release an innovative way to shop.

Up until recently Instagram users could only tag brands in their posts or add a link in their captions, but as of last week Instagram has developed and is testing a brand new way for users to splash out. 

The Facebook owned service announced that with a new update, it will be even easier for Instagram users to find out more about products they’re interested in and with one click will be able to buy.  

How It Works

Instagram’s new shopping function aims to help users discover more about brand and products, allowing them to discover new brands on Instagram or purchase products they love. 

While only available in the US at this current time, brands can tag their products in their Instagram posts, allowing Instagram users to ‘tap to view’ the tag to see the item. When someone taps this, they can see the tagged product highlighted along with the price of the product.

Clicking this tag lets the user view more details about the item and enables those interested the ability to click the ‘Shop now’ feature, taking them to the brand’s website, where people can buy the product of their choice. 

Why Are Social Media Site Getting Into Shopping?

These days more social media platforms are taking much more notice of how mobile has changed the way people are shopping. Allowing them to full realise the potential for them to play a much larger role in the world of online shopping. With more people looking to Facebook and Instagram to influence their buying decisions it seems like the next natural step to start allowing brands to sell, or link to shops, on their social media posts. 

This new feature allows retailers to seamlessly integrate their shopping experience with their social media pages, giving social media a much bigger role in the shopping experience and allowing social media platforms a chance to expand and grow from the platforms they are today. 

Instagram’s new shopping feature is currently being tested by 20 brands in the US, however if successful could see hundreds, if not thousands of brands achieving more online, increasing not only their customer base but ultimately their sales, as well as leading to a range of new opportunities for social media platforms. 


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