Holidays in Britain from the Discovery Britain Premier Tourism Website


Holidays in Britain from the Discovery Britain Premier Tourism website are almost here. We are very pleased to announce that the development work on what will be our largest interactive development project to date is approaching completion and is scheduled to go live in May 2013. Discovery Britain as a concept and marketing opportunity for holidays in Britain has been around for over a decade and has seen four design overhauls over that period. However the coming fifth edition is a very much different beast as it allows significant interactivity and has individual CMS facilities for tourism businesses and establishments to have their own marketing presence and even a mini website within it. We have drawn on 34 years of marketing and promotion experience in the Tourism Industry and over 12 years of direct web development experience to design what we believe will again be the premier tourism website for holidays in britain. The current website is a basic, text only, temporary holding website put in place to keep in touch with the search engines prior to the launch of the new website.

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