Getting into the spirit: 5 of the best Halloween marketing ideas


Halloween is approaching, offering businesses a number of opportunities to get involved in many fun and engaging marketing campaigns. As time goes on Halloween is becoming more and more popular, especially with younger audiences, not only does Halloween marketing let you reach out to new audiences but can shake up your regular marketing campaign, up your credibility and most importantly grabs your audiences attention just in time for the festive season build up. 

From themed promotions to special product lines, here’s 5 of the best Halloween themed marketing ideas to boost your business over the month of October.  

Hold a contest or giveaway 

Halloween is one of the best times to get creative, from creating costumes to decorating pumpkins to cooking up halloween themed food, there’s a number of create opportunities out there. By hosting a competition or giveaway you can encourage customers to show off their projects in a way which can relate to your business. For example a clothing company could create a competition based on the best costume to feature their product or a food business can host a competition based on the best spooky food item. Running your competition through social media and even your website means you can announce your contest, your prize and your winner in a fun and engaging way.  

Give out ‘trick or treat’ bags with your orders 

If you have a fun product which targets predominately younger audiences then another exciting way to market your business is through handing out trick or treat bags with your deliveries. A small Halloween bag with a few pieces of confectionary, your business card and even a coupon or voucher can be simple but effective ways to engage with your audience, encourage them to return and builds a great customer relationship.  

Create themed products or bundles 

Depending on what your products or service may be, you can cash in on October and Halloween by creating a new section of your website, letting you bundle items that might be relevant to the Halloween period and selling them with Halloween in mind. From books to sweets to decorations and even clothing, there are a number of products that can be related to Halloween if you decorate your site and optimise your copy effectively.  

Themed email marketing 

Your email marketing campaigns are powerful ways to reach out to your target audience and when you decide to give them a theme, such as Halloween, Christmas or Easter you can recapture your audiences interest as it differs from the norm. Using Halloween graphics, the occasional play on words and even offering your customers a discount related to the Halloween theme you can encourage people to visit your site and ultimately encourage sales.  

Halloween social media posts 

Like many holiday events, Halloween is a fun way to engage with your audience through social media. Getting involved with relevant hashtags, showing off your team getting involved in Halloween activities and through contest you can create a buzz that can shared across the web. Not only is this an engaging way of promoting your business but it also shows that you’re up to date on current trends and affairs and that your business doesn’t just stick to generic posts throughout the year. 

October gives you a month of marketing opportunities, giving you a lot of opportunities to remarked current products, release new items, offer promotions as well as capturing the attention of new audiences and potential customers. There’s be hundreds of businesses out there looking for attention this Halloween, make sure your business is at the forefront, ready to make the most of it!