Case Study: How We Helped Nino Apply Improve Their Payment Process

Case Study: How We Helped Nino Apply Improve Their Payment Process


Introducing The Project

Operating 24/7, Nino Apply specialise in offering full online National Insurance Number applications for people who don’t have one, including those traveling to the UK from abroad. They also provide services that allow UK visa holders to open a bank account for their entry into the UK.

The Problem

When Nino Apply came to us their website was using a variety of plugins that didn’t work particularly well together. This created a clunky experience for users, lowering the websites functionality and creating a complicated payment experience, making the payment process difficult.

Not only was the process complicated and difficult for users, but the layout of the payment process made the form look a lot less trustworthy than Nino Apply would have liked. Audiences want to be able to trust a payment gateway, if they feel they can’t trust a website, it’s likely they’ll head elsewhere for a service. 

The Solution

In order to provide a much better experience for audiences, we developed a bespoke solution, which offers unlimited flexibility, meaning we had the option to improve the experience specifically for the service and the payment type needed. Not only this but we also integrated an address lookup facility into the system in order to further improve usability.

Another addition to the payment process was the add an upsell to the end of the forms in a bid to increase revenue and encourage users who may need other services to access these. Overall Nino Apply are happy with the work we’ve completed and feel that it has been completed to their needs, as well as to the highest standard.