6 Ways You Can Avoid Scary Website Design This Halloween


In the run up to Halloween you’ve probably seen plenty of websites embracing the Halloween spirit by adding plenty of spooky graphics, banners and images to their pages, however, it’s likely that by the 1st of November most of these online ghosts and ghouls will have disappeared. 

Unfortunately there will be the odd website out there who won’t leave their scary designs for special occasions. From bad font choices, to slow load times to the dreaded flash, here’s 6 ways you can avoid an unintentionally scary website.  

Slow website 

It takes a matter of seconds for a visitor to your website to decide whether they want to stay on your site or not, so if your website takes any longer than seconds to load then you might be in trouble. A fast website is crucial for the success of your business, if it’s taking too long to load then there’s no doubt that your customers will go to a website that’s they don’t have to wait around for. Luckily there are actions to take if your website is taking too long to load, including resizing images, reducing resolution, compressing images and limiting the amount of plugins you have used. These are all simple ways to make sure your website it fast enough to keep up with your visitors.  

Pop ups 

People don’t want pop ups, whilst paid ads are fine in search results and on the occasional news website, your businesses website shouldn’t feature any ads or pop ups of any kind. Not only are they annoying but they’re also a good way to make your website look pretty shady and can be guaranteed to scare your visitors away. Even exit intent pop ups, despite being a novelty or a ‘new form’ of pop up for a small amount of time have become annoying, so if you’re intending on featuring pop ups to announce things, to promote offers or even plug an e-book, just don’t bother.  

Poor navigation 

A complicated navigation that is confusing or difficult to use can be one of the biggest things that drives people away from your website. Featuring too many links, huge menus, too many drop down menu options or just an overall clunky website design is a big mistake and can seriously harm your website. Your navigation doesn’t need to scary however, using few links, clear text, descriptions and a standard navigation design are simple, yet effective ways of making you navigation easy to comprehend.   

Illegible copy

Your text is on of the most important elements of your website, if it isn’t up to scratch then it’s likely to scare people away. Using inconsistent fonts types, colours, bad spacing and badly written copy are easy ways to confuse your visitors and lead them to look to a simpler website for their information. Spitting your copy into smaller chunks and using a consistent font type throughout the website not only make your website look better and stop confusion but can also be great ways to build your branding.  

Automatic sound and video 

There’s nothing more annoying than opening a website for it to automatically start playing music or video. Whilst this isn’t as common anymore, there are still plenty of sites out there who commit this web design crime. Not only is it annoying, probably too loud and distracting it can send your customers straight to another website, one which doesn’t play anything and lets your browse in peace.  

Forgetting mobile devices 

Although it might not seem like a nightmare at first glance, if you aren’t including responsive design in your website design then you’ll be sending lots of people away from your website and straight to your competition. These days more people than ever before are choosing to browse the internet through mobile and tablet devices, meaning that all websites need to be designed to suit these devices. If you’re looking to keep your customers on side, you definitely need a responsive website. 

Just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean your usability needs to be frightening, with these tips in mind your website will go from being a nightmare to a dream in no time, welcoming your customers rather than scaring them away

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