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5 Things to Review Before Your Website Launches

5 Things to Review Before Your Website Launches

Launching a new website is stressful, even for the calmest of people, business is complex and websites can be difficult to plan for, with many things often getting overlooked or ignored. In order to get the most from your website from the beginning it’s a good idea to have a comprehensive checklist of everything you need to think about and double check before your website launches, giving you the best possible start for your business.
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Email Promotion For Targeted Marketing

It is easy to think that email promotion by sending out mass emails is an effective marketing strategy. But this can cause problems with possible blacklisting and recipients permanently unsubscribing. Therefore it is important to realise that marketing emails must be relevant to the targeted recipients. To make it easy for you to be more targeted and successful in your email promotion, our Discovery Email Marketing System provides a useful Email Group management facility where you can create spe[..]

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News Media Management Centre Press Release Facility

We are always improving and enhancing our systems for the benefit of our clients, so we are pleased to announce that our latest free additional facility within our established Discovery Website Promotion System is our News Media Management Centre. This powerful yet easy-to-use facility will allow our client users to select relevant individual news articles already created to appear in their websites and to send them to selected news groups by email. The sophisticated management system will enabl[..]

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Enhance Customer Service And Updates

Our Discovery Website Promotion System serves more purposes than increasing and enhancing search engine rankings. It is also invaluable in providing a very useful facility for keeping in touch with your customers. Remember, if you are not looking after your customers then someone else is! So our easy to use system allows you to keep your customers updated with relevant industry updates, company news or information of new products and services directly vis your website. And you can target differ[..]

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