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A guide to backing up your website

A guide to backing up your website

We’re constantly reminded about how important it is to keep a backup of our data, one small error and there goes everything. I’m sure we’ve all heard horror stories about people losing years of work through a simple mistake or computer error. It’s equally as important to back up your website regularly, preferably using professional backing up methods or through a backup plugin. But why is backing up your website so important?
Minimises the damage
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Welcoming Sarah to the team at Discovery Design

Over recent years we’ve been working hard undertaking research and developing our technologies, because of this, we have seen huge growth. As a business that is constantly growing, we thought now was also the best time to expand our team and last week we welcomed Sarah to the company. Sarah will be working hard in the studio alongside the team to offer you get the best possible assistance and help you to achieve the best results for your business![..]

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Constantly Evaluating Your Competition

This is a very important and frequently overlooked aspect of modern business. At a simple level you can study the content of their websites to identify their business strategies, pricing and development. But you can also evaluate their search engine rankings in comparison to your own business and even compare their search engine optmisation characteristics in comparison to your website. Keeping better informed and earlier informed can help you respond more quickly to changes by your competitors.[..]

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Professional Hosting on Reliable, Fast Servers

Too many businesses think that saving on website hosting is a valid aim. But nothing could be further from the truth as it is a false economy. Server speed, reliability and the level and response time of data centre technical support teams are critical not only if you wish to provide a good user experience of fast loading pages for your website visitors to prevent them leaving and going to a competitor's website instead... but also to directly on and encourage higher search engine rankings. We [..]

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Regular Search Engine Optimisation

To obtain and retain the best search engine ranking results for your website, there needs to be a regular and effective search engine optimisation strategy in place. This is essential because there is an ever-increasing number of competitive websites targeting your search terms, that there is only 10 results on each of page one and page for each search result and there are tens or even hundreds of thousands of competing web pages... and that search engines often change their criteria. We can off[..]

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