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The Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing offers a tremendous opportunity for businesses, but only if planned, prepared, managed and presented properly. This is where our successful Discovery Email Marketing System provides numerous benefits and advantages for small and medium size businesses. There is important legislation to comply with, but our system also assists you in this matter. Using your own computer our DEM system allows you to regularly choose from our selection of designer email templates, easily colour and [..]

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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing, also known as SEM, is a form of internet marketing. This is the promotion of websites by specifically targeting an increase in their visibility on the first search engine results pages, also referred to as SERPs. This is achieved by a number of different approaches such as via both on-page and off-page search engine optimisation and by pay-per-click advertising and paid advertising in relevant search engine and directory media. Recent strategies include the use of social[..]

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Advantageous Domains For Sale

Over the years we have collected a large number of domain names that in many cases we have normally used for website testing purposes. In fact some still may have test websites on them which rank very highly indeed on search engines thus making them extremely advantageous. Our list of these domain names is continually growing so we are willing to consider making some of these available to businesses. On our main website we have a list of such domain names that we will consider releasing. The age[..]

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Adwords Keyword Evaluation, Research and Optimisation

As part of our professional Google Adwords Manager System we can offer clients an effective keyword evaluation, research, monitoring and optimisation service designed to make more effective and efficient their Google Adword campaigns. If you feel that you are not achieving what you expect from your existing campaigns and adverts or wish to try Adwords for the first time, then to find out more about more effective and more cost-efficient solutions, simply give us a call for details and to discuss[..]

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Email Promotion For Targeted Marketing

It is easy to think that email promotion by sending out mass emails is an effective marketing strategy. But this can cause problems with possible blacklisting and recipients permanently unsubscribing. Therefore it is important to realise that marketing emails must be relevant to the targeted recipients. To make it easy for you to be more targeted and successful in your email promotion, our Discovery Email Marketing System provides a useful Email Group management facility where you can create spe[..]

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Bespoke Websites For Specialist Needs

All businesses are unique and therefore sometimes require distinctly bespoke websites to meet their specific business and marketing requirements. Over the years we have created many different Internet solutions for our clients, some of which have required bespoke specialist programming to provide the required functionality. Our bespoke websites therefore fall into two distinct categories, designs and features specified by our clients, plus functional solutions that include online booking systems[..]

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Graphic Design of Marketing Materials

Marketing materials take many forms... from leaflets and brochures to newspaper and magazine adverts. However the effectiveness of these and all other marketing materials is directly related to the quality of the graphic design and the clarity of the marketing message. So if you want to target higher responses from your marketing and promotion strategies and campaigns, why not give one of our professional graphic designers and experienced marketing consultants a call on 0845 900 3201.[..]

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Creative Impacts For Your Facebook Business Profiles

More and more businesses are creating Facebook Business Profiles via which they can progressively target reaching more and more interested parties, supported by links from their own websites. However, if you wish to make a more responsive impact, why not contact Discovery Design to create for you a designer Facebook profile that incorporates your logo and corporate branding and looks similar to your website. This will increase recognition and confidence with your potential customers and should r[..]

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Creative Web Application Software Options

We are renowned for our development of a number of commercial web application solutions that are available as licensed solutions or for integration in specialist services we provide for clients. Examples of our effective and successful web applications include our Discovery Website Promotion System, Discovery Website Promotion System and Discovery Project and Task Manager Solutions. However, as well as creating our own web applications for annual licensing to clients, we can also develop indivi[..]

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Vacancies and Job Opportunities

From time to time we require to recruit new professional and highly skilled staff to complement our outstanding team. We will feature any such future vacancies here, so why not bookmark this page if you feel you may wish to be considered as a new member of our team if the opportunity arises. The type of vacancies that may arise in the future include such as experienced and contemporary web designers, web developers, graphic designers, SEO consultants and account managers. In the meantime if you [..]

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